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December 2018
Ootake v2.09 released!
Sat Mar 28, 2009 1:32 am by nosound.97
Quote :
2009/03/28 2.09 released
- "HighQuality" button was added to the options menu (Option button after
started). Please use it when you want to make it to "High setting of
quality from default" easily. Processing becomes heavy a little.
- The speed and timing were elaborately brought close to a real machine. In
"Star Breaker", the problem that had been …

[ Full reading ]
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SSF Version 0.10 Alpha R2 released!
Sat Mar 28, 2009 1:31 am by nosound.97
Quote :
# Fixed memory access processing.
# Fixed SH2 DMA processing.
# Fixed SMPC clock change processing.
# Fixed VDP2 drawing processing of the surface of revolution.
# Fixed BIOS emulation processing.
# Save state data version changed.
# Attendant upon the correction of the DMA processing of SH2, the
operation of DMA the option which is made same to the apparatus was

Source: …

[ Full reading ]
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New version of the NeoGeo CD emulator NeoRaine
Tue Mar 24, 2009 12:13 am by nosound.97
There's an update for NeoGeo emulator called NeoRaine.

Quote :

Fix the stupid bug with “mute sfx” freezing the emulation

Fix a crash when trying to cancel “update sprite block” in neocd options.

  • Now correctly emulate the pause command sent to the audio cd
    before loading any file from the cd. The “Always stop cd music while
    loading” option moves from neocd options to sound options …

  • [ Full reading ]
    Comments: 1
    Ootake v2.08 released!
    Wed Mar 25, 2009 1:00 pm by nosound.97
    Quote :
    2009/03/22 2.08 released
    - Sound processing of DirectX (DirectSound) is done by corresponding
    DirectX8.0 (same as Ootake v1.xx). As a result, the sound of the high
    pitched has improved (it is likely to depend on the favor). And, it became
    feeling near a real machine.
    - Processing related to the video chip has been improved. In "ROCK ON", the
    problem that the screen …

    [ Full reading ]
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    NAOMI is coming for MAME!
    Tue Mar 24, 2009 9:53 am by heatblazer
    It`s no fake. Here is the WIP: http://mamedev.emulab.it/haze/2009/03/22/taking-a-look-at-naomi/

    Comments: 2
    Dolphin's Forum moved!
    Tue Mar 24, 2009 2:41 am by nosound.97
    Quote :
    We have decided to change forums, the old dolphin forums will now be disabled and read-only.

    Please register at the new forums: http://forums.dolphin-emu.com/


    New forum is pretty cool. There were a lot of bugs in previous and now forum is fully working. Cheers,

    [ Full reading ]
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    Bi-Weekly Unofficial SVN build 2745 on Dolphin-emu site
    Tue Mar 24, 2009 2:16 am by nosound.97
    New SVN buid appeared on Dolphin's official web-page. Changelog:

    Quote :

    • SSBB (PAL) runs!
    • Tatsunoko vs. Capcom runs!
    • Force bi/trilinear filtering (re)enabled (OpenGL plugin)
    • You can now view and extract from all partitions on a wii disc in the filesystem viewer
    • Many fixes for Wii HLE functions
    • Destination Alpha fixed (OpenGL plugin)
    • Greatly revamped logging system has been implemented
    • Fixed black …

    [ Full reading ]
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     @ES "DarkSamus" Updated Status

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    PostSubject: @ES "DarkSamus" Updated Status   Wed Mar 18, 2009 11:43 pm

    Finally there is an update about @ES (@ruantec Entertainment Software) - DarkSamus (co-developer) project!

    Quote :
    "Yeah as many of you have probably heard/expected the work on the new @ES has started!!!

    things are going very well atm and during my tests i´ve got some great
    results in the development of a new tool that will probably change the
    way people play games or even play multimedia on there computers.
    @ES as every single app coded by me it´s based in 3 important areas(at least for me):

    1. Optimization
    2. Graphics design(a very important part and probably the #1 for me)
    3. Speed

    i have to admit that the last project(@ES - Evolution) was a nice try
    but i knew the possible problems and limits as my wife(the primary
    author of @ES) choosed VB6 to code the app at the beginning as that´s
    her primary language. the work was continued by me as a part of a
    learning process as i had to learn that language for my last job.

    this new @ES is made in a different way... this time i choosed C#
    because it´s my favorite language atm and because i could easily port
    the code to C++ if needed and port @ES to other platforms(am planning
    to do that).

    last but not least here´s a list of things done/almost complete/in the works by now:

    1. Resolution Auto-Size mechanism:
    this feature allows @ES to be displayed at the exact same size
    regardless of your screen resolution which means that it doesn´t matter
    at what resolution users are @ES will always have the same size on your

    2. Animations:
    This time am rendering animations to display and create custom controls that will make your @ES experience even more fancy.

    3. Good Bye GDI+!:
    This new @ES uses DirectX(OpenGL on Linux and OSX) to render objects on
    your screen taking advantages of your GPU to render the necessary
    objects and animations.

    4. 3D objects:
    Many objects
    such as lists, covers and even controls are rendered as 3D models which
    will allow me to create better experiences on your desktop even on
    computers using XP.

    5. Optimization:
    Every single
    piece of code am adding to @ES it´s beeing optimized and re-checked in
    order to keep stability(something that plagues my old project) and get
    best results for the performance of this new build... this is possible
    thanks to the realtime debugger of C#.

    6. Windows Live Messenger status:
    This new version along with the old feature to display what you´re
    listening it also changes your avatar acording to the song you´re
    listening(if the file you´re listening has a coverart).

    7. Skin Rotation:
    This new functionality allow @ES to rotate itself when is needed in
    order to fit your view needs depending on the media you´re watching or

    8. Dynamic Object loading:
    Just as the
    old build this one has a new dynamic object loading mechanism that will
    allow skinners to create wonderfull skins and even personal
    functionalities for there custom skins.

    9. DirectShow/VMR9:
    Using the VMR9 am able to render video and add overlays in order to
    create stunning skins that even displays video without
    flickering(Windows XP).

    10. Movement recognition:
    The code isn´t complete yet but when am done it will allow you to
    connect @ES with your webcam and calibrate it.. once calibrated you
    will be able to almost fully control the entire GUI, Menus etc. using
    your fingers.

    11. Internal Emulation:
    Am planning
    to add internal emulation to @ES slowly.. the first and simple
    emulations such as nes and genesis will be made by me at a later time
    then i´ll go on with newer consoles... i know this will take me a while
    so i decided to probably bring back to life some dead projects such as
    PCSX and others and add them to @ES.

    12. HD Playback:
    Still working on that part in order to use @ES renderer to play High quality videos such as Blu-Ray.

    13. Fullscreen Menu:
    In the past i showed a concept of how @ES fullscreen menu should look
    and that´s exactly what am doing now... am preparing a new user
    experience for use with HTPC´s that are beeing used by a lot of people
    around the world nowdays.

    14. Settings:
    This time
    i´ll use a SQL database file to store settings aswell as playlists..
    this will allow me to make queries and search even faster and
    confortable for users.

    That´s all for now so i hope you enjoy the pics
    a new "Testers needed" thread will be opened soon in order to test
    capabilities and behaviour of @ES in different PC´s and components.
    more features will be added slowly but atm am working only to complete
    all those features.

    I would like to thank
    Shadow(co-developer), Schumi-4-eva, Jamie Le, Serag4000, Zach Tibeau,
    Zerosan, Hatorijr(Helper and developer), LessX(@ES developer),
    PCXL-Fan, ShaddiX, Hard Core Rikki, Jeffrey, Shendo, Cheesus, Squall
    and many others i forgot for the great help during the development of
    this new @ES.

    @ruantec "

    Source: http://forums.ngemu.com/ruantec-entertainment-software/119592-es-ruantec-entertainment-software-codename-darksamus.html


    Join NS 2600 project now! Information is here! PM me if you want to join.
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    @ES "DarkSamus" Updated Status
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