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December 2018
Ootake v2.09 released!
Sat Mar 28, 2009 1:32 am by nosound.97
Quote :
2009/03/28 2.09 released
- "HighQuality" button was added to the options menu (Option button after
started). Please use it when you want to make it to "High setting of
quality from default" easily. Processing becomes heavy a little.
- The speed and timing were elaborately brought close to a real machine. In
"Star Breaker", the problem that had been …

[ Full reading ]
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SSF Version 0.10 Alpha R2 released!
Sat Mar 28, 2009 1:31 am by nosound.97
Quote :
# Fixed memory access processing.
# Fixed SH2 DMA processing.
# Fixed SMPC clock change processing.
# Fixed VDP2 drawing processing of the surface of revolution.
# Fixed BIOS emulation processing.
# Save state data version changed.
# Attendant upon the correction of the DMA processing of SH2, the
operation of DMA the option which is made same to the apparatus was

Source: …

[ Full reading ]
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New version of the NeoGeo CD emulator NeoRaine
Tue Mar 24, 2009 12:13 am by nosound.97
There's an update for NeoGeo emulator called NeoRaine.

Quote :

Fix the stupid bug with “mute sfx” freezing the emulation

Fix a crash when trying to cancel “update sprite block” in neocd options.

  • Now correctly emulate the pause command sent to the audio cd
    before loading any file from the cd. The “Always stop cd music while
    loading” option moves from neocd options to sound options …

  • [ Full reading ]
    Comments: 1
    Ootake v2.08 released!
    Wed Mar 25, 2009 1:00 pm by nosound.97
    Quote :
    2009/03/22 2.08 released
    - Sound processing of DirectX (DirectSound) is done by corresponding
    DirectX8.0 (same as Ootake v1.xx). As a result, the sound of the high
    pitched has improved (it is likely to depend on the favor). And, it became
    feeling near a real machine.
    - Processing related to the video chip has been improved. In "ROCK ON", the
    problem that the screen …

    [ Full reading ]
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    NAOMI is coming for MAME!
    Tue Mar 24, 2009 9:53 am by heatblazer
    It`s no fake. Here is the WIP: http://mamedev.emulab.it/haze/2009/03/22/taking-a-look-at-naomi/

    Comments: 2
    Dolphin's Forum moved!
    Tue Mar 24, 2009 2:41 am by nosound.97
    Quote :
    We have decided to change forums, the old dolphin forums will now be disabled and read-only.

    Please register at the new forums: http://forums.dolphin-emu.com/


    New forum is pretty cool. There were a lot of bugs in previous and now forum is fully working. Cheers,

    [ Full reading ]
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    Bi-Weekly Unofficial SVN build 2745 on Dolphin-emu site
    Tue Mar 24, 2009 2:16 am by nosound.97
    New SVN buid appeared on Dolphin's official web-page. Changelog:

    Quote :

    • SSBB (PAL) runs!
    • Tatsunoko vs. Capcom runs!
    • Force bi/trilinear filtering (re)enabled (OpenGL plugin)
    • You can now view and extract from all partitions on a wii disc in the filesystem viewer
    • Many fixes for Wii HLE functions
    • Destination Alpha fixed (OpenGL plugin)
    • Greatly revamped logging system has been implemented
    • Fixed black …

    [ Full reading ]
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     Mame v0.129u6 released!! :D

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    PostSubject: Mame v0.129u6 released!! :D   Thu Mar 05, 2009 7:04 am

    Quote :

    MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
    - 02963: [Documentation] All games in aristmk5.c: Added region info
    to all games (Heihachi_73)
    - 00015: [Sound] Noticeable static in OKI 6295 audio. (Aaron Giles)
    - 02698: [DIP/Input] royalmah.c: BET games: Bet button does not work
    by default. (Angelo Salese)
    - 02180: [Core] Corrupt archives are read without problems (couriersud)
    - 02694: [DIP/Input] demoderb, demoderm: Duplicated input definitions
    for P1 and P2 buttons. (couriersud)
    - 02983: [Crash/Freeze] racedriv and clones: Race Drivin' and clones
    loop after "downloading DSP" screen (Phil Bennett)
    - 02998: [Crash/Freeze] pkunwar, ninjakun, raiders5: These games don't
    make it through their rom checks. (Phil Bennett)
    - 02368: [DIP/Input] fourtrax: Controls are glitched (Phil Bennett)
    - 02996: [Crash/Freeze] hotchase: [debug] Access Violation
    (Phil Bennett)
    - 02894: [Graphics] cprosocc: Ingame graphics corruption.
    (Phil Bennett)
    - 02711: [DIP/Input] spacegun: EE-ROM error after gun calibration.
    (Phil Bennett)
    - 02478: [Graphics] finalapr, finalapo, finalapb, speedrcr: Some
    graphics are not displayed. (Phil Bennett)
    - 02877: [Sound] deadang, leadang, ghunter: Music drowns out sound
    effects (Phil Bennett)
    - 02995: [Crash/Freeze] liberate, dualaslt: Black screen shows after
    disclaimer (Phil Bennett)
    - 02994: [Crash/Freeze] labyrunr, labyrunk, tricktrp: Booting is never
    completed (Phil Bennett)
    - 02991: [Graphics] polyplay: Broken graphics when playing
    (Phil Bennett)
    - 02526: [Graphics] mahmajn2: Missing 'special' linescroll mode.
    (Olivier Galibert)
    - 02979: [Graphics] All sets in m10.c: Dialog box on all sets in m10.c
    - 02988: [Crash/Freeze] blswhstl, detatwin: ROM RAM EEPROM Check fails
    at startup (Phil Bennett)
    - 02980: [Documentation] wsbbgd: Year is listed as 200?, flyer
    confirms as 2001 (incog)
    - 02986: [Documentation] ggxx: Year listed as 200?, confirmed as 2002
    - 02985: [Documentation] ggxxrl: Year is listed as 200?, confirmed as
    2003. (incog)
    - 02973: [Crash/Freeze] chmplst2: Access Violation (Phil Bennett)
    - 02964: [Sound] dingo: No Audio (Phil Bennett)
    - 02965: [Crash/Freeze] gradius, gwarrior, rf2, twinbee: Bootup
    process is never completed/No Sound (Phil Bennett)
    - 02909: [Original Reference] boothill: Specification of discrete
    filters for shot and hit sounds doesn't agree with schematic.
    (Derrick Renaud)

    Source Changes
    Added built-in layouts for a large number of games: 280zzzap,
    buggyboy, buggychl, cbombers, changela, chasehq, chqflag, contcirc,
    dblaxle, finallap, grchamp, hotchase, lagunar, outrun, overdriv,
    pdrift, polepos, radr, roundup5, sci, slipstrm, stocker, superchs,
    topspeed, toutrun, turbotag, tx1, wecleman. [Mr. Do!]

    Merged memory maps in nemesis.c. [Aaron Giles]

    Scramble now is a lot closer to reports and recordings (background
    sound, sound of bullets). [couriersud]

    Fixed descriptions of the games running on NAOMI series hardware,
    and NAOMI game list. [Yasuhiro Ogawa]

    Input ports clean-up for the jangou driver. [Angelo Salese]

    Finally low pass filtering on channel 2A in btime driver: [couriersud]
    * Changed resistor to bill of material value
    * Adjusted volume level and added more documentation

    Fixed regression (missing graphics) in ipminvad (m10). [couriersud]

    Added support for System 24 tilemap linescroll modes.
    [Olivier Galibert]

    Various improvements to Heavy Unit:
    [Angelo Salese, Tomasz Slanina, David Haywood]
    - Added a VERY preliminary simulation of the protection, just enough to get the game to boot, not make it playable
    - Corrected CPU communication, IRQ/NMI generation etc.
    - Fixed some video emulation issues (added tilemap scroll etc.)
    - Corrected GFX rom loading (at least for the graphics used in attract mode)

    Fixed King Derby sprite colors [Stefan Lindberg, Angelo Salese]

    Merged tetrisp2 memory maps. Renamed teplus2->tetrisp2j. [Aaron Giles]

    Merged labyrunr memory maps. [Phil Bennett]

    Added GAME_IMPERFECT_GRAPHICS to Tutankham & clones. [couriersud]

    Hooked up layer enables in goldstar.c driver, fixes 'girl' in Cherry
    Master. [David Haywood]

    Scaled up renegade and mjkjidai ADPCM levels in line with recent
    clock_adpcm() change. [Phil Bennett]

    Converted all drivers to the new device-based 6821 PIA. [Aaron Giles]

    Added new function memory_install_read_port_handler() to more
    easily allow you to install read handlers for ports based on tag.
    [Aaron Giles]

    Removed input_port_read_handler8/16/32/64 functions, since they
    were really only used for getting a memory handler for a port by
    tag, and this is no longer necessary. [Aaron Giles]

    Moved input port handlers to internal code in the memory system.
    [Aaron Giles]

    Added port names to the taito8741 device pending its proper
    devicification. [Aaron Giles]

    Removed all remaining uses of input_port_n_r() functions, and
    purged them from src/emu/machine/generic. [Aaron Giles]

    Removed device types from device queries that use tags, under the
    assumption that all device tags are unique. Specifically, the
    following no longer need to provide a device type:


    as well as several device interfaces that referenced other devices.
    [Aaron Giles]

    Moved SH2 set info functions to direct calls. [Aaron Giles]

    Various improvements to the Zero Target / Counter Steer HW and
    cleaned-up the driver. Fixed foreground & background colors and
    hand-tuned sound in Zero Target based on a side-by-side test.
    Fixed sprite colors. [Angelo Salese]

    Fixed pedals in Final Lap 3. [Phil Bennett]

    Hooked up correct C75 MCU in namcofl.c (based on RB's namconb1.c
    implementation) [Phil Bennett]

    Corrected Dip-Switch settings for Zero Target.
    [Yasuhiro Ogawa, Angelo Salese]

    maketms: Free strings on exit. [Olivier Galibert]

    tms57002 - don't abort on unimplemented instructions.
    [Olivier Galibert]

    Changed eeprom erase command to write 0xff values.
    [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]

    Fixed handling of corrupt archives: [couriersud]
    * corrupt files in archives now generate an error
    * archive files ending in "/" will not be tested for crc - skip path entries
    * add new flag FILE_OPEN_NO_PRELOAD to skip decompressing on open
    This is used in audit.c, which only tests whether files exist
    * added error checking to all calls to load_file_zipped

    Added flags to the CHD metadata entries, encoded in the top bit. Right
    now it is a no-op, but eventually will be used to indicate which bits
    of metadata are included in the overall checksum. [Aaron Giles]

    Fixed gcc 4.4 compilation error. [Belegdol]

    Fixed auditing of ROM-less systems (for MESS). [Rene Reucher]

    Another round of static/const qualifier additions, plus a rename of
    has_addon_chip to snes_has_addon_chip. Notably a number of
    z80ctc_interface are now const (devicification must have removed the
    cases where it was dynamically modified). [Atari Ace]

    Added the correct gfx roms to jjsquawkers bootleg. [David Haywood]

    sfbonus version cleanups part 1. [David Haywood]

    New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
    Great Sluggers 94 (Japan) [Phil Bennett]
    Daisyarin [Yasuhiro Ogawa]
    Mahjong Club [Yasuhiro Ogawa]

    New clones added
    Violence Fight (Japan)
    Joker Poker (Version 16.03BI) [Jim Stolis] (not working)
    Scud Race (Japan) [Leif Hurst] (not working)
    Splatter House (World new version) [Andy Henderson]
    New clones: T-MEK (3 sets) [Lars Bull]

    New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
    Tokimeki Mahjong Paradise Doki Doki Hen [Uki]
    E-Jan Sakurasou [Uki]
    Very Happy
    site: mamedev.org/updates.
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    Mame v0.129u6 released!! :D
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